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Football Agency

Specialist in sports
career management


Development of football academies, investment projects for clubs and sponsors.


Capture of young promises, representation and legal assistance


Development of football academies, investment projects for clubs and sponsors

Sports Consulting · Career Management · Scouting · Marketing · Football Academies

Contract management

Specialized in the negotiation of professional contracts for players, coaches and top-level clubs, our management integrates strategic investment alliances, transfers, salary negotiations, sports projects and sponsorships.

Marketing and Communication

We guarantee commercial agreements for the development of your professional career, increasing your reputation so that the big brands take your figure as a representation image, we exclusively promote all the steps for the management of your marketing.

Sports Career Management

In Zares Sports Agency Careers, we help develop elite athletes and promising young people, our focus is to make the athlete take full advantage of all their energy to grow as a professional, we offer you the best tools on the market to manage your career.

Advice to Clubs

Thanks to our prestige obtained by the arduous dedication of our work, more and more athletes, coaches, Football teams, sports directors and companies around the world trust Zares Sports to represent their interests, we offer a trustworthy and complete management to Clubs professionals to achieve their development.


Thanks to our great capacity for vision, we present ADN ZARES, where we focus exclusively on studying and selecting players from anywhere in the world with innate talent, where they excel playing various positions on the field and adapt to different philosophies and playing pressures.
After identifying this DNA, we help fulfill the dream of reaching the football elite. This method of work allows us to offer more and more players with high performance profiles, in clubs where they will be fully valued.


The trajectory of Zares Sports in professional football continues to extend to all continents, working hand in hand with the best football trainers worldwide with strategies that promote intensive and specialized work with grassroots footballers.


About us

ZARES GROUP Founded in 2013 Zares Sports Agency Careers, with offices in Portugal, Spain and Venezuela, its objective is the development of athletes, coaches, clubs and sports projects offering customized services by professionals specialized in sports projects, representation, intermediation, marketing and legal advice. Thanks to all our contacts at a global level, we guarantee the growth and internationalization of each client.

Our Mission

To promote solutions in each area with quality contributions, management of sports projects at a professional level, to bring the highest quality standards of all our work, to meet the expectations of our clients.


To continue building lasting ties with our clients, providing them with trust, security and professionalism. Since the most important thing is to make each one of our sports projects leave a legacy for the youngest.

Our Vision

to continue to leave our firm in each challenge, for all our clients continue to rely on the work of Zares Sports and to be the largest and most competitive Sports Representation Agency in the market worldwide, recognized for its capacity, quality, safety and compliance.

Since 2013


Video Analyst

Our expert analysts have more than 7 years working for professional clubs in different countries, we develop in less than 24: 00h all the important audiovisual content, whether for the player highlights and most outstanding plays or the analytical part of the matches for the coaching staff of a club.

Representatives and Intermediaries

At Zares Sports we offer an exclusive and complete service for managing the careers of football players, coaches and athletes with the main objective that our clients focus solely on their performance as athletes. Thanks to our team made up of agents, former players and collaborators around the world.


Increasingly betting on the training of players, grassroots football and other talents, we use our ZARES DNA program to attract the best athletes who empower clubs in a sporting way in the medium term, thanks to our scouting network made up of professionals specialized exclusively in this area, and with precency around the world we always have a step ahead for clubs and athletes.

Legal advice

We provide specialized care for each client, our expert lawyers in sports rights guarantee a path of trust and security when signing any contract, to this we can add the capacity to support in the tax area and image rights that our work team offers you.


We offer solutions for each Club, we collect information on everything you need, from players, coaches to the recruitment of young talents and future investors.

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